Our firm is committed to providing each client with the highest quality of legal services possible. As a specialty firm, we offer personal attention from senior level counsel, delivered promptly through efficient use of time and technology and at reasonable rates.

We navigate the complicated rules that govern employee benefit plans. We work with your outside accountants, consultants or in-house personnel to identify and solve legal problems relating to employee benefit plans at key points during the life of your business.

New Benefit Plans

If your business undergoes a merger or acquisition, rapid growth, reorganization or even unionization, its benefit programs may require overhauling. We can help. If your business has personnel changes, experiences a dramatic shift in profitability, or reaches a higher level of organizational maturity, we can help redesign its plans to meet evolving business needs and minimize potential liability.

Trouble-Shooting and Problem-Solving

Although much of our work is preventative, when there's a problem, we're there to represent you. We can step in to resolve problems such as unfunded plans, benefit issues during insolvency and bankruptcy, disqualification, plan terminations, fiduciary issues, or worker-filed lawsuits.

Plan Maintenance, Updates and Upgrades

As companies grow and laws change, benefit plans require periodic maintenance to stay cur-rent and in compliance with ERISA and the Internal Revenue Code. Maintenance might include discretionary amendments, new employee communications, or amendments required by tax code changes.

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